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Build skills in coping, reconnecting, communicating, and rebuilding.

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A MUST-HAVE for Rejected Parents

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New tools and strategies to create progress with your child (of any age.)

Monthly Group COACHING

As your questions and get direct advice and guidance from Ryan.

Full Course LIBRARY

8+ online courses to help you cope, communicate, and rebuild your life.

Guides & Ebooks

Resources to take action and make progress in your life and relationship.

Everything You Need to Make Progress...

  • Coping: Guidance to get through the pain and heartache you feel.
  • Reconnecting: Strategies to rebuild the relationship with your child.
  • Communication: New ways to get through to your angry child.
  • Rebuilding: Focus on what YOU need to build the life you deserve.
  • Get Answers: Ask questions and get direct advice from Ryan.
  • Feel Better: Make progress within yourself & your relationship.

The Help YOU Deserve...

Too often rejected, alienated, or estranged parents only focus on the relationship with their child, it becomes ALL Consuming in your life...

You lose friends, family, hope, desire, and your sense of self-worth. 
This MUST Change!

You deserve better...you deserve guidance that helps YOU the entire person AND helps the relationship with your child.

That's why I've created PROGRESS MONTHLY.

To help YOU make progress in all aspects of your life and relationship.

PROGRESS MONTHLY gives you instant access to a library of courses that help you in all aspects of your life.

Then, every month you receive a NEW VIDEO TRAINING that provides specific guidance on how you can make progress repairing the relationship with your child. It's something you can take immediate action on.

And...I know you'll have questions, so you have access to one GROUP COACHING SESSION each month where you can submit your questions and I'll answer them directly. Plus, you'll hear answers to other parent's questions as well.

Finally, I wanted to make these all-inclusive resources AFFORDABLE for you...

So, for a LIMITED TIME, you can get a FREE 7-DAY access to PROGRESS MONTHLY.... 

Everything You Need to Make Progress

All-In-One Membership...



Join the PROGRESS MONTHLY Membership Today...


The PROGRESS MONTHLY Membership is for rejected, alienated, or estranged parents who need real-life, practical advice and guidance on how to make progress with the relationship with their child, and coping with rejection.

This all-inclusive membership helps each parent with their individual challenges, strategies to reconnect, and ways to keep going despite their heartache and sadness. These are tools to EMPOWER YOU in all aspects of your life to continually make progress.


Real-Life Experience + Practical Advice

Ryan Thomas is an expert at helping parents reconnect with their children in over 25 countries, working with parents, celebrities and high-profile clients. He uses his real-life experiences of reuniting with his Dad after decades of rejection, to show parents exactly what to say and do to get their child back. Ryan and his work have been featured in US News & World Report, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC, MSNBC, FOX & More. He is the creator of the Get Them Back Program & Keep Them Close Program, and helps create breakthroughs after high-conflict rejection, alienation and estrangement.

Join the PROGRESS MONTHLY Membership Today...

Frequently Asked Questions...

How does the 7-Day Free Trial Work?
When you register, you’ll have 7-Days to experience the membership. You can watch the videos, listen to audio, and access every part of the membership. Then, you will be billed $49/month automatically after, unless you cancel by clicking the button in your members area. There are no-long term commitments and you can cancel anytime.
How long do I have access?
You have 24/7 unlimited access to all content forever, until you cancel your membership or discontinue payments. 
Question: How will I access the content?
Once you become a member, you will receive access to your online members area. This will contain all of your videos, training, coaching, and access to the group coaching sessions as well. You can log-in 24/7 on any device including computer, tablet or phone.
Question: Can I go at my own pace?
YEYES!!!! As a member, you’ll have 24/7 lifetime access as long as you are a paid subscriber. We understand that you’re busy and may have to take a break. So you don’t have to worry about "falling behind." The content will be there whenever you need it.
Can I cancel anytime I want?
YES, you can cancel anytime you want and YOU are always in control. Just click the button in your members area and you won’t be billed again. There is NO need to email to request cancelation. We make it very easy for you.
Do I get to work with Ryan Thomas directly?
YES, Absolutely! The monthly Group Coaching Sessions allow you to send in any questions you have. Ryan will answer your question and provide guidance to you directly via voice recording. You will then receive the audio recording of the group coaching session, which includes answers to your questions and other parent’s as well. There is no number to call-in or specific time you have to be available. Just send your question and wait for the recording with Ryan’s answers. You will receive an email reminder asking for your questions.
Do you offer a guarantee of results?
NO, unfortunately, in life there are no guarantees of anything. And this membership is no different. There are NO GUARANTEES of any results with this video coaching program. No one can ever guarantee that they can change someone's heart, mind or behavior. This program is about giving you the best insights, strategies, and tools that you can use to change your own behavior in an effort to make progress with your relationship.

Join the PROGRESS MONTHLY Membership Today...

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